Why choose Museums with Marisa?

Field trips to museums are often expensive and can be overwhelming. You walk through the doors with a group of students, but then where do you even begin? Museums With Marisa can help!


Through MWM programs, Harvard trained educator-archaeologist Marisa Horowitz-Jaffe brings your school’s ancient civilizations and art history curriculum to life. She conducts an engaging presentation right in your classroom, giving students a one-of- a-kind opportunity to physically touch and interact with authentic, rare artifacts, or conduct an engaging workshop on the Impressionists or art history's greatest works! 

6th Grade Social Studies Class. Pre-K 3's and 4's.

Program Description

Marisa acts as your school’s very own art historian or archaeologist, setting up her traveling museum to bring ancient civilizations to life! During the MWM program, students can touch a bronze bracelet last worn by an Egyptian young lady, cradle a handful of ancient Roman coins and compare them to current money, or lift up a Roman oil lamp to inspect the ash marks on the underside. Marisa is ready to answer any and all of your students’ questions about what they’re seeing and handling.

Click here for program topic descriptions. 

Pre-K 3 and 4s

There are no glass cases in Marisa’s museum—please do touch!

Marisa wraps up the program with a hands-on art activity. "Mummies and More" students learn to write their names in hieroglyphics inside an Egyptian cartouche to take home; "Discovering Ancient Rome" students design and create their own ancient coin; an art history program creates their own artwork based on the program's theme. Each student also gets to take home something to share with their families. An authentic piece of Egyptian papyrus is provided for the Egypt program. 

If a museum field trip is of interest to you, Marisa will arrange a visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she’ll conduct another workshop with your students to further enhance their understanding of the topics. There are many themed tours to chose from! (There is an additional fee for on-site workshops at the Met).

​ Frequently Asked Questions

What grade level is best for the Museums With Marisa program?

Marisa can adjust her program to any grade level, especially for art history programs. However, her ancient cultures programs are especially suited for the 6th grade year, during which students study these topics. Marisa suggests the MWM Ancient Egyptian program around the time you’re teaching that unit, followed by the The Art of Ancient Rome program during the Ancient Greece and Rome unit that you teach later in the school year. If the timing does not correspond, the programs still work seamlessly within your classroom.

How long is an MWM program?

Marisa sets up her museum in one of your classrooms and runs the program during a normal class period. She then repeats the program throughout the school day as students from additional sections of the class cycle in and out for each period. Marisa can adjust the program to fit your school's specific periods. She’ll work with you on logistics as needed—combining classes, creating an assembly, etc. 


​Does MWM meet Common Core requirements?

Yes, MWM programming covers Common Core NYS Arts Standards 3 & 4.

Where does MWM operate?

Marisa provides programs throughout Westchester County and the tri-state area, from the Yonkers/New Rochelle area north to Bedford Hills. Schools that are north of Armonk or further away may require a travel fee. Please contact Marisa if your school is outside of Westchester—she’ll work with you to make it happen! (MWM also offers private tours at The Met in NYC.)

What equipment does MWM require?

Marisa needs one large table or two small tables to set up the traveling museum. She also needs AV equipment to project a PowerPoint presentation on a screen. Finally, during programs for young children (K-2), she requests one adult volunteer or teacher present in the room to ensure correct and careful handling of the ancient artifacts.

How much does MWM cost?

The program fee is $285 per program; when three or more class sections are scheduled there is a discounted package rate. The fee covers Marisa as the educator, all materials, all take-home items, and set up and break down of museum. Please contact Marisa to discuss your school’s needs and she will create a tailored package for you.

Is MWM an accredited BOCES Program?

Yes! Marisa is a certified BOCES Arts in Education instructor and therefore many Westchester schools are eligible for BOCES reimbursement of MWM programs. Please click here for information.

What do other educators say about their MWM experience?

​"Marisa's joyful, unique and entertaining presentation style brings art and ancient culture to vibrant and colorful life! Tours and workshops are a conversation between the group, with Marisa as our dynamic storyteller leading us along the path of the ancients. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious—all ages are mesmerized by both her presentation style and vast and seemingly unending wealth of detailed knowledge." -Principal, Private Catholic School in Westchester