About museums with Marisa:

How it all began

My love of the ancient world began at the tender age of eight years old. My dad, an avid collector of ancient antiquities, displayed his collection throughout our South Florida home. I realized early on that if I asked my dad a question about his antiquities right around my bedtime, he would talk on and on, entertaining me with fascinating stories. This also served the useful purpose of creatively finding a way to stay up past my elementary school bedtime! A win-win for this precocious eight year old.


When I was ten, my family took a trip to New York City. After hearing all those stories from my dad for more than two years, The Metropolitan Museum of Art was the first place I wanted to visit. I walked into the Great Hall, looked around, and announced, "When I grow up, I want to work here as a tour guide and teach people amazing things." The picture below captures that moment- my younger sister and I, in our matching blue jumpsuits, posing in front of the Met's Egyptian Temple of Dendur. For me, the NYC family trip changed my life, and this first time visiting The Temple of Dendur would eventually turn into hundreds; each one still taking my breath away. Decades later, my future husband not only proposed marriage on the steps of The Met, but even agreed to get married in front of the Egyptian Temple!


From that point on, I was steadfast in my dreams and professional goals. My 5th grade science fair project was titled, "Archaeology: What's Under Our School?," and I experienced the joy and fulfillment of teaching and presenting this topic throughout the science fair.  (Click here to see a picture of the project.) In high school, I would find myself “teaching” art history to my friends and fellow students.   Eventually, I learned of the profession known as "Museum Educator,” and decided to pursue this in college. I attended The University of Michigan and double majored in Classical Archaeology and Egyptology, and I would spend each summer either working on archaeological excavations or interning at prestigious museums such as The Met and MoMA.  I then headed to Harvard University for graduate school to earn my Master’s degree in Art and Museum Education. I began to incorporate ancient artifacts from my personal collection into the programs I taught, using them as hands-on teaching tools, a unique characteristic that is rarely found in similar programs.


I have been blessed to visit Egypt four times and climb through the Great Pyramid. I have spent weeks touring the classical sites of Ancient Rome and Greece, and all these experiences enhance my teaching of these awe-inspiring civilizations. I have also explored almost all of the world's great encyclopedic museums to discover first-hand the great works of art history.



Once I finished graduate school, I joined the Global Service Corps and taught English at a remote Buddhist Monastery in Kanchnaburi, Thailand. My year abroad allowed me to travel extensively around the world. I returned to the States to settle in New York City and begin my professional career as a museum educator. After holding fantastic positions at renowned museums all over the City, I realized I wanted to break out on my own to provide customized museum experiences for children and adults alike- both within classrooms as enrichment programs, as well as private, customized tours at The Met. That’s when I gave my passion for teaching ancient and art history a name: “Museums With Marisa” was born.

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Let me open up the world of museums for you, too!


I have been teaching ancient cultures and art history for over 25 years, all over the world.


With my authentic collection of artifacts and my passion for the subject matter, MWM fulfills a unique niche. My programs and tours also engage students and adults who may not have access to travel to a museum.


For those who want to spend time at the unprecedented Metropolitan Museum of Art, my private, personalized MWM tours will orient you and provide an unparalleled and exclusive museum experience. First time Met visitors are especially welcome; it's an honor to create a welcoming and holistic museum experience for you. a


Contact me to discuss what you have in mind.

I’ll work with you to make it happen!




Marisa Horowitz-Jaffe: Professional Credentials

• The University of Michigan; Double B.A. in Classical Archaeology and Egyptology

• Harvard University; Master's Degree in Museum and Art Education


• The Whitney Museum of American Art; Director of Access and Special Needs Education; Museum Education Dept


• The Museum of Modern Art; Freelance Museum Educator; Grant writer

• The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Freelance Museum Educator in Special Needs and Access

• The Westchester Children's Museum; Education Manager; Founding Education Committee

• New York State Council on the Arts; Program Officer and Grant Reviewer

•Global Service Corps volunteer in Kanchnaburi, Thailand; taught English at Buddhist Monastery "Wat Chi Chumphon"

• Archaeological dig participant on-site at Ashkelon, Israel; Dig site of the Semitic Museum at the Faculty of Arts and Science of Harvard University 

Photos of Museums With Marisa