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birthday parties

Tired of Fortnite, Pokemon or L.O.L Doll party themes? Looking for a unique and unforgettable birthday party that your children and their friends will be talking about for weeks, or maybe even years, to come?

Book a "Party with the Mummies" 

and transport your guests to The Giza Plateau!



Harvard trained educator-archaeologist Marisa Horowitz-Jaffe will bring her traveling museum to recreate Ancient Egypt in a room in your home. 

What does the party include?

• Room Decor: Great Pyramids photo booth, life size Pharaoh head cutout, Pyramids and Sphinx oversize cutouts, and more!

• Authentic ancient artifacts for exploring

• Birthday child's name written in stencil hieroglyphics for party members to write out

• Art activities

• Music and dancing

• Authentic Egyptian papyrus goodie bags


What do you need to provide?
You provide the food and beverages plus tableware and utensils. Marisa is happy to give you some great ideas about Egyptian-inspired foods you might want to serve, and how to make your table decor fit with the mummy theme.

Looking for an even more immersive Egyptian
or Roman themed party?


Meet Marisa at The Met! Your child and up to nine of their friends will experience a birthday party like no other with Marisa as your private guide through Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome at The Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Please contact us for information and available dates.

Adult Parties or work Events

I'm an adult and would like to host a private party or celebration at The Met with Museums With Marisa. Is this possible?

Yes! Check out MWM's website devoted to private tours. Marisa can take around you and nine of your adult friends for a cultural birthday party at the magical Metropolitan Museum of Art! She will make it special and tie in your favorite hobbies and other personal details within the tour.

I am in charge of organizing unique employee work events outside of the office. Can you help with this?

Absolutely! Museums With Marisa will provide a unique cultural event for your group of employees and create a warm and safe employee bonding experience.

Contact us and tell us what you like!

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