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MWM COVID-19 Summer Update

Summer  is here and we are all adjusting to online camps and adult lectures. "Museums With Marisa" offers live interactive virtual programs, summer camps, museum tours, and field trips! Schools, camps, community centers, churchs, synagogues and private groups are all welcome.  Summer camps available through various organizations! 










**For Children Ages 5-15**

Week Long Summer Camps & One-Time Classes

Camps and one-time classes continue to be taught through the online learning platform,  I have options for ages 5-15 covering a variety of topics.  Click here for program listings, and all new families to Outschool receive an automatic refund on your first class. Please note: These online classes will continue through the fall to help supplement student's curriculum, a potential staggered school week, and homeschool families.


















**Longer Camp Experiences**


3 Week Online Summer Camp Experience through NY-based "Challenge Camp"

Challenge Camp is an untraditional camp which offers educational based activities for high achieving students. Once you create a camper profile, you may sign-up, withdraw or swap classes to create your own daily schedule. Please click here for summer camp catalog. My course is #74:


Class #74:  Mummies, Mt. Olympus & Mosaics: Discovering Ancient Civilizations 

Session 2: July 27-August 14

9:-9:50am: Grades 4-9

10-10:50am: Grades 1-3


Step into a time when papyrus grew along the Nile River and pyramids were built on the horizon in Ancient Egypt; when gods lived high up on Mt. Olympus and the Parthenon was a sacred meeting spot; when gladiators fought in the massive Roman Colosseum and emperors ruled the land in Ancient Rome. We will explore a different ancient culture each week: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Gods and goddesses, mythology, art, architecture, pharaohs, emperors & kings, pyramids and temples, and much more will be discussed in this thorough and engaging class. Each day explores a different topic or theme within the ancient civilization, and connections between all three ancient cultures, as well as to our modern life, will be made. Virtual field trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to view primary objects and artworks will take place regularly. Small, themed projects will be completed each week.

Week 1: July 27-31st: Ancient Egypt

Week 2: August 2-7th: Ancient Greece

Week 3: August 10-14th: Ancient Rome 

Each camp day has a specific theme plus a hands-on activity. Each unit week also has one long term project the campers will work on and present each Friday.

**Free Programs for Children**





-Monday, July 6th at 4PM: "Mummies and More: Discovering Ancient Egypt," ages 6-12. presented by the Garrison Desmond-Fish Public Library.

​-  Thursday, July 9th at 3:30PM: "King Tut: The Boy King," ages 5-10. Presented by the Tuckahoe Public Library.


-  Thursday, July 9th at 6PM: "Family Fun Night in Ancient Rome" presented by the Rye Public LibraryGeared towards Grades K-5. 

-  Tuesday, July 14th at 3:30PM: "King Tut: The Boy King" presented by The Pound Ridge Library 

-  Thursday, August 6th at 3:30PM: "Treasures of The Metropolitan Museum of Art," ages 5-10. Presented by The Tuckahoe Public Library.

-  Monday, August 17th at 1PM: "Let's Chat about Greek Myths!" For tweens and teens. Presented by the Tarrytown Library.



**For Adults**

Additional programs always added; check back or subscribe to our newsletter or social media for updates!

  • Wednesday, July 8th at 2PM: Discover Ancient Rome through the New City Library (Free)

  • Friday, July 17th at 11AM: Explore the Ancient Egyptian Galleries at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Presented by The Scarsdale Adult School. (Registration fee.)

  • Friday, July 24th at 11AM: Explore the Ancient Roman Galleries at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Presented by The Scarsdale Adult School. (Registration fee.)


  • Four Part Ancient Egyptian Series presented through the Kent Public Library; free. Please register for each individual program. Ancient Rome series to be presented in the Fall of 2020.



































































Previous Programs


May 19th at 11AM:   Fashion and Beauty in Ancient Rome

May 22nd at 12PM: Mummies And More: Discovering Ancient Egypt (Free; Through the Ossining Public Library)

May 26th at  1PM: Gladiators and Chariots: Entertainment in Ancient Rome

May 29th  at 12PM: The Art of Ancient Rome (Free; Through the Ossining Public Library)

Looking for a small private group personalized to your interests and age level? Contact us and we will make it happen!


Class topics include:

  • Mummies and More: Discovering Ancient Egypt

  • From the Colosseum to the Caesars: The Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome

  • Archaeology 101: Can You Dig It?

  • The Science of Mummification

  • From Arches to Amphitheaters:  Amazing Architecture of Ancient Rome

  • King Tut: Not Just a Boy King

  • Fashion & Beauty in Ancient Rome

  • Discovering Hieroglyphics

  • The Giza Plateau: More Than Just Pyramids

  • Pompeii & Herculaneum: A Time Capsule

  • Beyond The Nile: Ancient Rome in the Land of the Pharaohs

  • Gladiators and Chariots: Entertainment in Ancient Rome

MWM Online Students: Click here for Hieroglyphic worksheet for class.

Thursdays in July at 11:30AM:

July 2nd: The Giza Plateau: More Than Just Pyramids

July 9th: The Science of Mummification

July 16th: King Tut: The Boy King

July 23rd: Scribes and The Hieroglyphic Alphabet

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 Camps fill up quickly!

Monica S; Parent of a 7 year old

This class was EXCELLENT! My seven year loved learning about King Tut! Ms. Marisa was engaging, knowledgeable, and funny. She did a spectacular job managing all the students on Zoom, and made sure to include the quieter kids.


You are an incredibly dynamic speaker, and I enjoyed your class as much as my daughter. You were also VERY quick to notice when she wanted to share something.


You have a true gift, and we are so grateful that you share it with kids. I would love to join your adult lectures, too! Thanks again so much- we will definitely be taking more classes!


Sarah M; Parent of a 7 year old

My 7 year old sat glued to her Outschool class the entire time. She was thrilled when she identified an Egyptian stuffed kitty her dad brought her from the Metropolitan Museum of Art as it related to the material!  We would definitely recommend this teacher.

Jason F; Parent of a 5 year old

This is an educational, fun and interactive class and my 5 year old absolutely loved it. He adores the teacher, Marisa, who has such a great teaching style. My son has never lost a moment's interest in one of her Outschool zoom classes.


We love Marisa's classes. She keeps the kids engaged and gives them so much to think about!   My son constantly asks if there are more classes with “the Egypt teacher!”


Tesalia D; Parent of an 8 year old son

This was our third class with Ms. Marisa. She is a phenomenal teacher and that is why we keep going back. Our son looks forward to classes with Marisa as his rewards for good behavior.

Lilac S; Parent of a 6 year old son

We love Marisa's classes. She keeps the kids engaged and gives them so much to think about!   My son constantly asks if there are more classes with “the Egypt teacher!”

Jessica M; Parent of a 9 year old

My daughter loved this class she is excited to do another one. She was really nervous at first, but quickly forgot about her nerves and focused on all the fun things she was learning.

Michelle W; Parent of a 9 year old son

My son is a huge fan of the Percy Jackson books, so we knew he'd love this class, and it did not disappoint!  This was a great mix of talking about the myths and characters, and what sounded like a super-fun Kahoot trivia quiz.  Marisa knows how to engage young people and encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions.  She tapped into one of my son's interests and he was so happy and energized after attending this class.  I highly recommend it, and hope there are more like this coming!


Marisa L.; Parent of a 10 year old son

My 9-year old son loved this class! As soon as the Zoom ended, he ran into the other room to tell my husband all about it. Ms. Marisa is funny, engaging, and completely well-versed in her field. Her presentation is fun, interactive, and very interesting. The students had time to answer questions, which Marisa answered beautifully. We can't wait to take another class with her! Highly recommend!



Emily C; Parent of twin 9 year old boys

My twin 9-year old boys took this course and afterwards were bursting with new information. Marisa is an amazing teacher who kept them engaged the whole time with her effervescent personality and obvious love of the topic! They learned a lot of cool information and they were proud to tell me the difference between archaeologists and paleontologists. They cannot wait to take another course in the future and are already planning out their top picks!

Adele P; Parent of a 10 year old

Brilliant class thank you. Her credentials are incredible.

Marisa is so welcoming, fun, inspiring and knowledgeable.  A gifted teacher, and her gifts easily translate through online and through Zoom.


Ayesha; Parent of a 13 year old son

My kids were engaged throughout and loved the class. Marisa did a great job explaining complex aspects in a way children could grasp, yet not dumbing it down. Would love to do other classes with her-Thank you!


Katy R; Parent of a 9 year old

This was my 9 year old daughter’s first Outschool class, and she LOVED IT! She is very shy but felt no pressure to talk and liked to use the chat. Afterwards, she couldn’t wait to tell me all about her learning.

Nicole S; Parent  of a 7 year old

This was a really fun and exciting introduction to Egypt! My daughter loved it and I even enjoyed the kid’s class.  The teacher is so excited about the subject and the students become excited too! Thanks so much!


**Hear what parents and adult guests are saying about virtual"Museums With Marisa" programs!**

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