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 "Museums With Marisa" offers online live interactive virtual programs, virtual museum tours, and virtual field trips! Schools, community centers, churchs, synagogues and for any groups!  Summer camps will be offered through many established camps; check back for details!

**For Children Ages 5-15**

Week Long Summer Camps & One-Time Classes

I have partnered with the online learning platform,, to teach classes for ages 5-15. One-time classes, multi-day series and summer camps are available on numerous topics.  Click here for class & camp listing. (Scroll towards bottom for listing.)

















**Longer Camp Experiences**


3 Week Online Summer Camp Experience through NY-based "Challenge Camp"

Challenge Camp is an untraditional camp which offers educational based activities for high achieving students. Once you create a camper profile, you may sign-up, withdraw or swap classes to create your own daily schedule. Please click here for summer camp catalog. My course is #74:


Class #74:  Mummies, Mt. Olympus & Mosaics: Discovering Ancient Civilizations 

Session 2 (July 27-August 14) 

9:00AM: Grades 4-9

10:00AM: Grades 1-3


Step into a time when papyrus grew along the Nile River and pyramids were built on the horizon in Ancient Egypt; when gods lived high up on Mt. Olympus and the Parthenon was a sacred meeting spot; when gladiators fought in the massive Roman Colosseum and emperors ruled the land in Ancient Rome. We will explore a different ancient culture each week: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Gods and goddesses, mythology, art, architecture, pharaohs, emperors & kings, pyramids and temples, and much more will be discussed in this thorough and engaging class. Each day explores a different topic or theme within the ancient civilization, and connections between all three ancient cultures, as well as to our modern life, will be made. Virtual field trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to view primary objects and artworks will take place regularly. Small, themed projects will be completed each week. Taught by Museums with Marisa.

Week 1: July 27-31st: Ancient Egypt

Week 2: August 2-7th: Ancient Greece

Week 3: August 10-14th: Ancient Rome 

**For Adults**

Additional programs always added; check back or subscribe to our newsletter or social media for updates!

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May 19th at 11AM:   Fashion and Beauty in Ancient Rome

May 22nd at 12PM: Mummies And More: Discovering Ancient Egypt (Free; Through the Ossining Public Library)

May 26th at  1PM: Gladiators and Chariots: Entertainment in Ancient Rome

May 29th  at 12PM: The Art of Ancient Rome (Free; Through the Ossining Public Library)

Check Facebook and Instagram pages for free adult lecture announcements.


All participants will receive a discount for a future private tour at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in  NYC, or a discount for an additional online learning course series with MWM! Just mention "WeStayedAtHome" when booking your tour.



Looking for a small private group personalized to your interests and age level? Contact us and we will make it happen!


Class topics include:

  • Mummies and More: Discovering Ancient Egypt

  • From the Colosseum to the Caesars: The Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome

  • Archaeology 101: Can You Dig It?

  • The Science of Mummification

  • From Arches to Amphitheaters:  Amazing Architecture of Ancient Rome

  • King Tut: Not Just a Boy King

  • Fashion & Beauty in Ancient Rome

  • Discovering Hieroglyphics

  • The Giza Plateau: More Than Just Pyramids

  • Pompeii & Herculaneum: A Time Capsule

  • Beyond The Nile: Ancient Rome in the Land of the Pharaohs

  • Gladiators and Chariots: Entertainment in Ancient Rom

MWM Students: Click here for Hieroglyphic worksheet for my online students.

And much, much  more!

Hold History in Your Hands 

Museums With Marisa offers a variety of hands-on, personalized art education experiences, customized to all ages. From schools committed to providing enrichment programs for their students, to libraries and community centers dedicated to providing thematic and exceptional programs for their patrons, and visitors searching for a dynamic private tour guide at NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art, MWM has a program for you!  MWM's private museum tours, engaging workshops and personalized interactive educational programs for all ages and abilities provides fresh and unique ways to experience ancient history, art history and archaeology, entirely tailored to suit your needs and interests.

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